Wednesday, 5 November 2008

President Obama, Congratulations

Wow, that was a battle to the finish. A do or die unlike we see in Nigerian Politics. No other US presidential election has been followed like this one has in Africa. I was surprised to hear my phone ringing at 5am - fearing the worst news - as we tend to receive at odd times in this part of the world. My fears were hightened by hearing my sister's tearful voice. In that split second my mind raced to all sort of terrible calamities that could have befallen a family member or close friend until she said OBAMA IS PRESIDENT. To which i asked why are you crying - still thinking something more was to come - she replied they were tears of joy.

Indeed it is a joyful and a historic moment. She has stayed up overnight to watch it, whilst i was up early battling with 2 writing deadlines simultaneously - (yeah deadlife).

Obama fought the good battle -intelligently, articulately and charismatically. He has shown that he deserves to be where he is, now America has to show the world that they deserve him.

As he takes on his new and challenging role not only as an American president but as a global president, a 21st century Renaissance man I wish him and his family journey mercies.


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