Wednesday, 29 October 2008

For the Love of Video Art

CCA,Lagos started its programme focusing over a one year period on a specific medium - Video Art - in line with its objectives to provide a platform for experimental practices. The one week introductory workshop started in earnest on monday with lead artists Selby Gildemacher and Heerko van der Kooij from the One minute Video Foundation in Amsterdam settling into Lagos life.

We have 8 participants from a nice mix of artistic backgrounds, performance art, fine artist, poets, photographers, a computer graduate with an art penchant and a sound artist. The group dynamics has been really good. By Tuesday evening they were getting the hang of the new medium and how to articulate their ideas visually. The themes coming out range from the personal to the social and political commentary to portraits of the city to imagining a different reality.

So to keep short it, here are some pics from the first two days. We will profile 2-3 of the participants over the next few days.

Participants brainstorming.

Jelili Atiku preparing his 1min video.


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