Monday, 3 November 2008

A Scintillating Response to Video Art in Lagos

A hectic but satisfying week came to an end with the screening of the One Minute Videos on Saturday. It was attended by friends, family and members of the press and after the Q&A and comments, prizes and certificates were given out to participants.

And the Winner was photographer Abraham Oghobase for his beautiful, simple and articulate transition from his photographic work to the moving image. The jury (Heerko van der Kooij, Selby Gildemacher, Oyinda Fakeye and Bisi Silva) acknowledged the ease with which he understood the medium, the simplicity of his idea inspired by work and issues already being explored in his photography about self identity, and the aesthetic result. Congratulations to Abraham!!!!!

Abraham Oghobase collecting his Tommie Award,
Certificate and he also get a place at the
next video art workshop in Jan 2009

Uchay Chima collecting the 2nd prize - the publication about One Minutes projects around the world and his certificate. He also get 50% discount on the Jan 2009 workshop.

Uchay Chima's idea started from a complex, interweaving narrative about the Niger Delta which none of us could really visualise -
initially - in One Minute as there seemed to be a multitude of stories begging to be told. It is to his credit that he was able to sift through the stories to focus on the essence 'he who lays the golden egg (oil) must benefit. And that has not been the case in the Niger Delta. It was fun getting the chicken to lay the golden egg.

Poet Jelili Odeboye receive honourable mention for persistance, thinking visually about his ideas and achieving results with good development potential. I hope he continues to explore the possibilities of the medium.

All the participants worked hard at producing not only one but some 2-4 one minute videos, translating their ideas and playing with the possibilities. Their perservance, creativity and commitment was acknowledged with the One Minute Certificate.

Unfortunately Emeka Ogboh, a sound artist had to leave the workshop early due to previous engagement, but presented a work which imagined Lagos in the future - without the horns, beeps, shouting, go slow etc. hmmm. The video ends with a motorist taking the dvd of lagos sounds out of his car player and stepping out into the an oasis of calm with only birds chirping.

Heerko, Andrew Esiebo and Selby

Heerko, Rashid Adebiyi and Selby

Heerko, Jelili Atiku and Selby

Cross section of the audience.
CCA,Lagos looks forward to the next workshop at the beginning of January 2009 which will be over a two week period and will deepen participants skills and knowledge of video as an art medium. It will involve presentations by the artists leading the workshop, introduction to the history of video art and presentations on specific artists from members of CCA,Lagos and also the invited international speakers.

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