Thursday, 30 October 2008

Catching up with Abraham Oghobase during the video workshop

Sent in by CCA,Lagos Projects Co-ordinator Hansi Momodu

On the third day of CCA, Lagos’ One Minute Video workshop I managed to catch up with one of the artists taking part in the workshop, who have been otherwise dispersed across the city in search of footage. Abraham Onoriode Oghobase is a photographer by profession and has exhibited in Europe, Nigeria and Morocco .
Abraham take a pause from editing.

Abraham explained how the workshop has been an opportunity to further develop a project he is currently working on using photography, and also to explore the inter-relation between photography and video as forms of artistic expression. Whilst drawing inspiration from a search for ‘personal meaning’ and remaining positive about places such as CCA, Lagos that are changing ways and educating, he still feels the strain of being an Artist in a city where people are ‘unaware’ and ‘don’t always appreciate’ the arts. Abraham is an Artist who gives himself wholly - emotionally and physically - to his art and said he had backache and felt sick after filming himself flying, backwards! But excitingly, Abraham was certain that this workshop was the beginning. He’s ‘hooked’ on video, and the One Minute Video has helped him to develop his project in ways not possible in the medium of photography alone. Watch t/his space.


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