Friday, 23 April 2010

Nigerians Photographers on the Move Again to Dakar. Invisible Borders 2010

I am always happy when I learn that visual artists or any group of artists are on the move - especially by road - within their region and within Africa. On one hand it is a serious challenge not meant for the fainthearted as they learnt the hard way on their first project Invisible Borders 2009 which took them to the Bamako Biennale. On the other hand it begins to address decades long of divide along arbitrary colonial lines. But more importantly with Africans on the move within their continent, could this be the long march (thanks Madiba) towards a real organic sense of unity.

In 1990 ECOWAS supposedly implemented the Borderless Region Procotol. A worthy initiative which has not been allowed to be turned into reality as going through many of these borders and the countries can be a feat harder than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I know as I have had my oddest experiences trying to cross the border from Lagos to Rep of Benin by car, by okada (yes oh and that wasn't funny at all) and on foot.

As the group embarks on its journey, I wish them easy passage, lots of fun and encounters but most of all I wish them God's Blessings throughout the trip. Oh and some even more interesting pictures than the last time. I know you can all do something extraordinary.

Accompany them through


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