Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Meeting the Nukwus Mmonwus

always exchanging mischevious jokes with Sabelo!

I have never had this kind of wonderful experience in my photography expeditions. I met the ‘NUKWU MMONWUS’ (big names) in photography from different parts of the world and within Nigeria. My eyes are wider now, my mind broadened while my reading and speaking abilities have increased immensely. Bisi will not leave us alone!!!

See her IN ACTION PICTURES! I don’t have to tell you she is a wonderful lady. Government, in their blind state will not recognize and give her awards...anyway thanks to her and Antawan , Jude and other crew members that have seen to it that we are on our toes and comfortable at the same time.

To all our facilitators, thank you for coming!

Lucy Azubuike

Chidinma and Lucy experimenting with light

Bisi in Action. Lucy, Carrie and Bisi


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