Thursday, 4 March 2010

And the days roll by...

The camaderie deepens. Friendships are made, cultures interact, conversations become sweeter, and Lagos becomes a global melting pot as the days roll by. or is it days roll on.. Anyway sha!

Kerstin Pinther (1st left in pic) curator from Germany in Lagos to do research on a forthcoming exhibition hangs out with the third and final set of facilitators Daniella Wennberg, Marja Helander and Rosangela Renno. All four hanging out at a local bukka (food canteen).

As the second set of facilitators leave, a new and final set arrives.
As usual the group photo is a requirement.

ooohh! Heta is leaving us still after we managed to get her to extending her departure by 2 days. Pls don't go. Don't goooo ooo ohhh. I am begging you to stay!!!!

Mama Niyi CCA,Lagos support staff and artist Heta Kuchka. Aren't they luvely

All images copyright the artists. Courtesy of CCA,Lagos


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