Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Just like yesterday

Just like yesterday, I was a kind of “kpakpakpa” amateur photographer, but the residency at CCA has transformed me into “A photographer”.

The visiting artists and curators that facilitated were astounding and exposed us to things that seem to be mountains in photography. Honestly it is a thing of joy to me.

The first week of this photography residency was a hit! Carrie was the first facilitator who introduced us to what photography is all about. She succeeded in practically explaining to us how to set studio lightning, setting of the camera to suit a particular purpose, reading of the light, shooting, knowing the rule and how to break it, making references to other artists, truth and lie in photography and video making.

She also shared her personal experiences with us that strongly featured in some of her work especially the kind of intimacy and love that exists in her family.

The second week built on the first week as Heta Kukcha, Miriam Backstrom and Mats Stjernsternt brought out the real creativity in us. Our daylong outing visiting different parts of Lagos and other art institutions and professionals fantastic,inspiring everyone to delve deep into their stream of creativity but also bearing in mind the subject matter that individuals decided to work with.

Jide Adeniyi Jones also shared his experiences in photography with us and summed it all in one line, Master tools of language so as to be able to say what you want to say” meaning that the best way to be able to communicate or tell your story very well is knowing the technicality of photography.

Akingbade Adeyinka


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