Thursday, 8 January 2009


Just got back from a well deserved holiday in Addis Ababa where I remained in a semi-comatose state most of the time out of sheer fatigue from 2008. So not much to report back from there. I did manage to meet up with Meskerem Assegued briefly though to hear more about her fantastic art project coming up. Finally she has received lots of land from the govt and can finally build that dream art centre and residency space she has been working on for so many years. So we spent an hour or so basically motivating each other and acknowledging that African women are really up and doing. Yeah yeah forget modesty for now. We deserve it.

After that I went back to my semi-comatase state which i haven't completely come out of. It is only now beginning to dawn on me everything that happened in 2008 especially with CCA,Lagos. So this year I hope to chill - only a bit. I have some energetic young 'uns working with me at CCA,Lagos and I am too happy to pass on the baton and the work. Anyway to stop rambling this is to thanks to all those who have encouraged me, supported me, held me up when i was falling and have just continued to support me and CCA,Lagos. A big thank you to all of you, those who I have met, those who I haven't met, those who I am about to meet and those who i will meet. I will try to update the blog but definitely can't promise it will be as frequent. But I hope that more people in Nigeria and around Africa will also start a blog.That way people will have lots and lots of places of read about what is happening on the continent. There is tooooo much happening.

The new year seems to have started with a bang. Man it seems the whole world is coming to or coming through Lagos. It seems as if it is every artist or cultural worker's new year's resolution for 2009. Start the year in Lagos. So inspite of what everybody says, reads, thinks, Lagos is dis dat an di oda ( u c am really losing it. Get me off this computer) Lagos is d place to be oh! As we say Lagos no go spoil! Carry go! oops losing it now. Ok serious stuff.

CCA,Lagos starts the new year with a bang. Our 2nd Video Art Workshop starts on Monday featuring 3 wonderful Artists from Angola, Brazil and Cameroon, Miguel Petchvosky Morais, Eustaquio Neves and Goddy Leye. (when they all get their visas) Nigerian Embassy driving everybody crazy even before they get here. Anyway God dey sha!

Then later in the month finally we open the exhibition Like A Virgin... Zanele Muholi (SA) and Lucy Azubuike(Nig). More information will be posted on the blog and our website.

Once again, wishing all a wonderful, fruitful and prosperous 2009 and showers and showers of Blessings.


Blogger mimi said...

Hi, Bisi, guess who is writing. It's me, your old friend in Tokyo. Will write you e-mail soon. Take care. I always miss you.

10 January 2009 at 22:34  

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