Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A nice 12 month celebration of CCA,Lagos

Monday the 8th was exactly 12 months since CCA,Lagos officially opened to the public. It was such an emotional day that I was speechless (polite way of saying slightly hysterical from stress and fatique) or was it incoherent that all the wonderful things i wanted to say never came out.

However this time I was not going to allow that to happen and I prepared my short 15min presentation of the last 12 months titled 'wouldn't take nothing for my journey now' after the collections of essays by Maya Angelou. Whilst preparing the images from all the activities from the past year, it was gratifying to realise that we had managed to lay the foundation for the organisation and what people here sometimes make you think is not possible is really possible and all that with little or no funding. So I say as we do in Nigerian parlance. The glory is God's. or something like that. hmm.

Anyway Monday turned out a beautiful and special days a nice turnout of people who came to listen to Prof Yacouba Konate's lecture. This was followed by a short talk by leading Nigerian art collector Engr. Yemisi Shyllon.

As it was Sallah and we didn't want our guest to leave empty handed and CCA,Lagos is aggressively trying to gain more visibility and acceptability for photography, we gave out a small original photography by George Osodi to all those present. The work has been released by CCA, Lagos by very generous courtesy of the artist in a limited edition of 60. The audience appreciated the gift and for many it will be the first work of photographic art in which we hope will be a growing interest.

The afternoon ended with a champagne reception with food, cakes and funnnn! Will add pictures later.


Blogger Lanre said...

Well done CCA Lagos and many congratulations!

11 December 2008 at 01:35  

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