Friday, 15 June 2007

Pics from African Pavillion

Pictures are a little better. just!!!! The exhibition was a wee bit crowded for my liking with over 30 artists. But we all know Njami´s curatorial style, cf Africa Remix. Dominique and I did ask if the exhibition couldn´t have taken place with about 10 artists less especially Chris Ofili´s work (which i do love) which was as big as an ant. Njami´s unconvincing mutter was something about being ´jazzy´whatever that meant. The video section really suffered the most. It was a cacophonous affair as far as I and everyone else was concerned. A real pity and disservice to the artists especially Loulou´s work which we couldn´t hear, Amal´s work which we kept bumping into or covering in order to see loulou´s work, the noise from Minette Vari´s work disturbing the other video, the effacement of Ruth Sack´s video. All these and more - including Zouleika´s video too - were in the same space with no partition. Imagine!!!!! (sorry no installation pics - didn´t know where to start in my confusion) But the word on the streets - or is it on the canals - is that African pavillion is being considered for best pavillion award.

For more debate about Africa´s participation in Venice reading the interesting debate Dirty Laundry, Can We think beyond Venice? posted by Mario Pissarro in the forum section at

Next Stop Documenta in Kassel. Don´t go away!!!!!!!


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