Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Nigerian Artist Olu Oguibe goes to Venice

During a visit to Cardiff last week as part of my first series of meetings at Artes Mundi, I visited Chapter Arts Centre gallery. As i walked into the adjoining bookshop a familiar image loomed large on the cover of an art magazine. Upon closer inspection I realised it was none other than the artist Olu Oguibe. Although pleasantly surprised, I was also slightly taken aback as Modern Painters was the last art magazine I thought I would see such a prominent image of an African Artist. But times are changing and it seems contemporary African art and artists are all the rage this summer. With the prominent visibility the first official African pavillion at the Venice Biennale is getting every magazine is talking with and featuring articles and interviews on African art. Oguibe will be featuring in Check List. The all male Nigerian line up includes Chris Ofili, Yinka Shonibare and Oladele Bamgboye.

Read interviews with Olu Oguibe on his website at http://www.camwood.org/oguibe_venice.html


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