Friday, 19 February 2010

Invasion of Privacy or Not?

Invasion of Privacy or Not?

During the Art Photography residency held at the CCA Lagos, with the Theme “On Independence and the Ambivalence of Promise” lots of critical debates have been aroused surrounding the issue of taking photographs in public places.

Participants had divergent opinions; some feel that there is a certain paranoia due to the residues of the Military era in Nigeria when it was forbidden to take photographs in public spaces and particularly airports, military cantonments e. t. c

Others do not see it as an invasion of privacy since you have put yourself in a public space or domain, while a third voice says you have to negotiate with the subject and his commodity, be what it mat, since there is a general phobia and bias towards having your photograph taken in Nigeria.

Whatever the situation you are required to know a little about psychological warfare, diplomacy and hope that you have excellent powers of persuasion; this of course interferes with the spontaneity that may be needed to capture a great image.



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