Monday, 7 September 2009


In celebrating his golden jubilee, one would have expected Kunle Adeyemi to throw the gates of his house or a pub house open for a party and socialize with friends, but he chose to have a solo exhibition to give us an aesthetic appreciation of the quality and beauty of his work. For us we consider this as a mark of great scholarship.Understanding that there is a dear need for us to educate our teeming public whose knowledge of our art is limited. Many people have no idea of the purpose of art or the principles and conventions of the artistic tradition and so do not understand the images. But with frequent exhibitions like this the society is stimulated and questions are asked. We must recognize the fact that Art plays a great role in making our lives rich. It is presumed to have a purpose. Imagine our world without art. Arts really stimulate different parts of the brain to make us laugh, or incite us to riot and it also plays a curative role. With increasing understanding of Kunle’s works, comes the realization that one is dealing with a man who has made a major contribution to the art of the world.

Kunle Adeyemi’s works which includes serigraphy, deep etching, and his lithography, are stimulated by the Yoruba tradition, but his recent workshop and exhibitions in Sweden in last two years has affected his style positively even though the themes and subjects are around our culture. His works are now more painstakingly presented and his technique opens us to a new form of distinctive art that is now emerging. Kunle is no doubt a student of continuity and change and that has endeared him to our gallery.We also admire his philanthropic nature. Two years ago, after his exhibition in our gallery, he donated several of his works to the Federal Orthopaedics Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos to put a smile on the faces of the patients.

This year, to celebrated fifty years on planet earth, he is offering scholarship to some students and launching his book – New Wine. A new wine has indeed emerged among our masters today. His signs symbols, forms and patterns will continue to be a subject of discussion for a long time as we welcome him to the age of great wisdom and understanding. This is Kunle Adeyemi’s third solo exhibition in Quintessence gallery and we are delighted to have him around. The humble and ever smiling artist will no doubt give the gallery a new look. We wish him many glorious years ahead.



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