Saturday, 11 July 2009

Celebrating FOUR HUNDRED & NINETEEN POSITIVE attributes of Nigerians & Nigeria

Read this on facebook and looks like a great initiative to reclaim our image not the idiocy 'rebranding nigeria' launched by erstwhile information minister Dora Akinyuli whilst they continue to ferret our commonwealth into Swiss, English and American accounts. But initiatives like this suggest that if 100million nigerians make that individual effort, creating a critical mass, we can beat the govt's shenanigans. Congratulations I am up for it. There must be over FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETEEN nigerian visual artists who can make a visual comment. Let's do it, cos We Can. How about creating an image (no text) photo, sketch, drawing, painting, video, performance, sculpture - whatever celebrating our many positive attributes. Share it with us, on your website, on facebook, around the world.

The many negative experiences of Nigerians at home and abroad have resulted in a detachment, mentally and emotionally from their homeland..

The 419Positive Project is an umbrella for a series of ‘Celebrating Nigeria’ projects strategically designed in response to the negative perceptions of Nigerians & Nigeria, internally and externally..

Our mission is to unearth and spotlight verifiable positive or unique attributes of Nigerians & Nigeria in an attempt to explore what it means ‘to be Nigerian’ and to reorient Nigerians’ mindsets on issues relating to self image, national loyalty and civic pride..

In July 2009, The 419Positive Project will unveil the first phase of her flagship project; a search for positive and unique attributes of Nigerians & Nigeria.. And we’re inviting all Nigerians and all friends of Nigeria to say something positive about Nigerians or Nigeria at

All the attributes you submit will be entered in a vote for the nation’s favourites.. This will serve as a road map for the film team as they travel across Nigeria and Nigerian communities in the Diaspora.. And the best part is this; you may be selected to appear in the documentary with the opportunity to personally introduce your favourite attribute..

We'll be announcing lots of little surprises along the way..

Say Something Positive...

Rosemary A. Ajayi
July 2009


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