Saturday, 18 July 2009

LightUpNigeria, The Revolution has begun

But we know that our 'leader' ensconced in their fortress at Aso Rock - headquarters of Democrazy will not realise this if it hit them in the face. But the people of Nigeria are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. With over 100 million Nigerians repeating the same thing over and over and over again the noise will be so deafening that to ignore it could prove fatal. Finally, it seems that there is one thing that will unite us and that is the struggle to LightUpNigeria. The nation has been thrown into complete darkness bringing untold suffering, death, loss of business, loss of lives, insecurity and destabilising the citizens in their day to day existence.

In today's Punch Newspaper it includes a quote by President Umaru Yar'Adua, saying he was not bothered by criticisms of his approach to governance, 'We will not join hands with those critics, the government will not be distracted by the daily torrent of abuses thrown at its doorstep by those who do not even know the names of their local government areas.' And it is true nobody knows the name of their local government because every individual is his own local government providing water, electricity, refuse management and even repairing roads by themselves or collectively. If we do know them it is for the incessant bogus bills they keep sending and harassing people with and for services never rendered. A clear sign of the level of government we have. A disgraceful set of under-achieving human beings who need to brought to justice and tried for crime against humanity at the Hague. They have killed more people in peace time than many of the wars in Africa have done. Imagine with all the petrodollars providing less than 2000 megawatts to over 120million after spend billions and billions and billions and billions of naira.

So the daily torrent of abuse will continue to be thrown until the government LightsUpNigeria instead of thieving the billions allocated and distributing it to the K4 or K12 or Katsina whatever number they want to call themselves.

Providing electricity is an important part of our fundamental human rights. It is not rocket science, nor a new experiemental technology. Keeping us in darkness is an attempt to take us back to the dark ages. It will be resisted. Nigerians are intelligent, hardworking, go-getting individuals who should be, want to be and will be at the cutting edge of the global society.

Join the revolution at check it out on facebook and twitter, google it on CNN, VoA, BBC, youtube. The revolution will be televised. Are you playing your part?


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