Wednesday, 10 June 2009

US based Nigerian Artist Nnenna Okore present solo exhibition in Lagos

You are invited to the opening
of Nnenna Okore's solo exhibition
on June 20th at 4pm.

Of EarthBarks and Topography

Nnenna Okore

The uniquely diverse and tactile qualities of the natural world, holds such strong fascination for me. I am intrigued, by the forces of nature that interact with and shape the natural terrains which we share with other the living entities. I am captivated and transformed by the transient processes that occur over the passage of time, resulting phenomenal earthly textures and formations of visual complexities.

The sculptural pieces created for this show broadly reference structures associated with plant life and environmental relief. I am drawn to the repetitive, and yet timeless patterns of biomorphic forms. I am fascinated by their temporariness, their physical integrities, and their agelessness. I am interested in how natural processes such as decay, erosion and deformations, regenerate into more stunning forms.

My materials, which are largely biodegradable include, old newspapers, found paper, ropes, thread, yarn, fibers, burlap, dye, coffee, starch, and clay. Most of the works are constructed from handmade paper, layered with various fibrous materials and dyes. And much like impermanent attributes in nature, my paper making techniques result in fragile-looking forms that allude to the ephemerality of all life. The delicate clay pieces, though traditionally created and woven into burlap, also mimic the subtle and intricate traces of barks and topography.

The exhibition is not only intended to heighten the viewer’s awareness and perception of the alluring textures, undulating contours and organic movements that exist within our earthbound environment, but to call for more reflection on the preservation and care of our natural surroundings and the earth in general.

Nnenna Okore, Rebirth, 2009

Nnenna Okore, Bark, 2009

June 20th - 10th July 2009

Of Earth Barks and Topography

Goethe Institute,

10 Ozumba Mbadiwe

Lagos Nigeria


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