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Linha Imaginaria Video Art Workshop artists summaries

Linha Imaginaria Video Art Workshop artists' summaries

The 2 week video workshop led by Miguel Petchkovsky, Goddy Leye and Eustaquio Neves was an intense, challenging and rewarding experience for all parties, the workshop leaders, the participating artists and CCA,Lagos the co-ordinators.

Most of these artists are coming to video for the first time although some of them took part in the one minute video workshop in October. The work that they produced in so short a time show that with more time, experience and professional development this medium will become an important and integral part of their artistic repetoire. Most of the artists are coming to video from photography, performance art, sculpture, sound art, graphics and painting and they are interested in finding ways to add this or extend their normal artistic practice. Video art can provide this outlet.

The year long focus on a media which forms part of CCA,Lagos' professional development strategy for artists has gotten off to a really good start with the two workshops, the forthcoming exhibition and also a publication to document our activities. Artists are motivated and Miguel, Goddy and Eustaquio continue to provide the much needed mentorship and stimulus to keep the artists motivated and working. The forthcoming residencies will see most if not all the artists going to some other country to interact, collaborate, exchange and develop their interest in video art. Residencies will be held in Amsterdam, Brazil, Cameroon and we welcome suggestions for other residency centres that can host a Nigerian artists who wants to develop their video work. Anybody with any contacts with Banff Centre in Canada would be nice. ( Couldn't resist sneaking that in). The artists have been sending work to video festivals around the world and are preparing new work for the video section of the Bamako Photography Biennale in Nov 2009.

Below are the summaries of the videos completed. The starting point was looking at the city and the way in which it impacts not only on their individual lives but also the collective psyche. (I still need to find out how to put the videos up somewhere on the internet for public viewing).

Outrage By Lilian Pilaku

This work explores the nature and scope of power supplies and the consequences of failure imposed by neglect in the basic needs of large urban centers and the peripheral communities around the city of Lagos, as well as the consequent impact on individuals. This audio-visual exercise suggests the critical failure of Institutional power to ensure long term sustainability of improvements and questions (metaphorically) all society and the well being of future generations.

My Room (With a View)By Lucy Azubuike

Make-up is an important element of one’s self within. My Feminine self confidence assuming emotional balance as oppose to the constraints of the daily routine. ‘My Room with a View’ is a performative work in which there is a view of myself in relation to and through interaction with the city. Private and public are two opposed notions of space articulated here together.

Dreams [Smaerd] Smeared By Jude Anogwih

2nd prize winner of a residency in Brazil to be facilitated by Eustaquio Neves

The work investigates the anticipations expectations, hopes, aspirations, ambitions of an individual and his/her dreams in the society. The elements interactively aid in determining the realization of these dreams, or the sometimes disappointments. Dreams are imaginary. They are threads that link the real and the imagined (illusive). They are imaginary lines of possibilities influenced by thinking or from bygone activities.

Carbon Blues By Uchay Chima Joel

Uchay was the first prize winner with a residency in Amsterdam being facilitated by Miguel.

Lagos is a city that is well known as being over populated. The masses streaming from diverse background and multiple ethnicities contribute largely to the socio-economic make-up of the city. Like other mega-cities around the world, Lagos is also challenged with environmental degradation and pollution.

Carbon Blue focusing on air pollution depicts what goes un-noticed by some in the atmosphere, in and around Lagos.

Against the Wall By Andrew Esiebo

Against the Wall is a conceptual video which aim at investigating the realities of sexual minorities in Lagos, West African most cosmopolitan city and perceive to be a modern society yet a P-H-O-B-I-A—hunt by different individuals.These pieces comprises of dialogue, interview and sound elements.

Miss-Information By Emeka Ogboh

Miss-information is imprinted in systems of manipulative structures of power. How can we de-construct these forms of imposed mass media knowledge as building blocks of societies in transition?

Red and Me By Jelili Atiku

Mankind is an automated machine. Wrap with fabric of flesh and ignite with a lubricant known as blood- an enormous power to control itself, body, mind, emotion and environment. However in its interactions with the environment and itself, there exist a contradiction or dismal reality.

This performance therefore portrays the consequential effects of the realities- a psychological speculation of actions and reactions. With symbolic contents, it makes a metaphorical statement of the creative impulses of mankind

Momento Moment/s Estaquio Neves

Eustaquio Neves one of the workshop leader had an incredible time in Lagos and said a beautiful thing 'I am home'. He moved around Lagos as if he had visited or lived here in another life. As an African Brazilian this was a special opportunity for him and he collected a lot of material which will be included in his next work. Before leaving we told him his Nigerian names Ikechekwu Adewale Eustaquio Neves.

The Notion of translating/interpreting moments without any pre-conceived idea, represents a major challenge of the un-expected that is wide open to possibilities and imagination. This video incorporates a significant moment in history, public reaction to the projection of Video Art in an unusual space and the improvised performance of a group of fifteen local artists. A deep momento of reflection, contexts and vision.


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