Monday, 12 February 2007

Websites on Artists Residences.

It goes without saying that residencies constitute an important aspect of the professional development of many artists living in Africa. All the more so as in some countries there exists little or no formal art education at tertiary level. I will try and add some to the blog as I come across them.


Trans Artists is an independent foundation that informs artists of any discipline about international artist-in-residence programs and other opportunities for artists to stay and work elsewhere 'for art's sake'.

The information of Trans Artists is also intended for organizations that are involved in offering international residency opportunities or are interested to become involved: residential art centres, providers of guest studios, art initiatives, cultural institutions and governmental organisations.

Res Artis i
s the largest existing network of artist residency programmes, representing the interests of more than 200 centers and organisations in 40 countries worldwide that offer to international artists facilities and conditions conducive for making art.

More on the way soon.


Blogger okorodus said...

Hi Bisi
My name is Godfrey Williams-Okorodus I am a Nigerian artist based in Antwerp Belgium I have been following you efforts towards promoting African art an artists and I most say I am very impressed
I have my studio and gallery in Antwerp Gallery labalaba is a gallery devoted to promoting African arts and craft,I am also very actively involved since 1998 in campaigning against FGM( female genital mutilation) using arts by Nigerian artists this year we have carried the campaign to Harvard University ,Cornell University and several other institutions in the US and recently we had a small awareness campaign in Frankfurt
I do hope to get the chance of meeting you one of these days for a talk
I will be in london between the 26th and the 28 of August if you are in town maybe we could arrange to meet
this is my web address
you can also get more info by googleing"OKORODUS"

22 August 2007 at 04:45  

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