Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Transit in Casablanca

After cold but restful holiday in Tunisia, I was happy to head South
to the warmth of Bamako, Mali. On the way my connecting flight was through Casablanca where I spent a day. I had hoped to catch up with the artist Myriam Mihindou but unfortunately with all the technology at our disposal we missed each other. I accidently came across Myriam's (Gabon) photographic work which was part of the off exhibitions at the Bamako Biennale of African Photography. In fact i was so enthralled that i did an interview with her and her co-collaborator Pelagie Gbaguidi (Benin). Since then i have tried as much as possible to follow her work which has matured considerably.

detail video installation (2003)

Myriam works in a varied of format such as sculptural installations, video but primarily in photography and explores issue of cultural metissage, dispacement, rupture, nodamism, history and memory amongst others. The professional observations and interest will continue from afar in the hope that one day soon - our schedules permitting - we will have time to really talk. From the little I saw of the beauty of Casablanca it now features high on my list of countries to visit sooner than later. After Tunisia and Morocco I realise that my knowledge of the history, culture and politics of the northern countries of Africa remains superficial at best.

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