Sunday, 4 October 2009

Reviews of recent art events in Lagos

First Impressions: Contemporary Photography in Nigeria
Antawan I. Byrd
234next October 4th 2009
On the occasion of two photography shows, I was eager to see the ways in which Nigerian photographers have employed, and continue to employ, photography within a miscellany of genres ranging from art and fashion to documentary and photojournalism.

Both exhibitions opened on Friday, September 25, 2009. These shows, the first at the Ben Enwonwu Foundation’s Omenka Gallery and the latter at the main gallery of the African Artists Foundation, are quite timely in that they collectively reveal that photographers in Nigeria are tenaciously exploring the medium’s dynamic nature and analytic potential.

Yet, both shows, having seen them in tandem, also manage to elucidate key opportunities for improving the caliber and fiber of Nigeria’s contributions to the global realm of contemporary art, particularly concerning photography. Read On...

A Lacklustre Art Expo
Bisi Silva
234Next. 25th September 2009
The second edition of the Art Expo initiated by the director of the National Gallery of Art, Joe Musa, and the Art Galleries Association of Nigeria, under the chairmanship of Frank Okonta, trailed off with little more than a murmur on August 31, 2009, after a week’s run. Read on...

A seven point Agenda for Art Expo
Bisi Silva
234Next 25th September 2009
Can the Art Expo have its own seven-point agenda that amalgamates government objectives and satisfies business concerns? Allow me to set the ball rolling. Read on...


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