Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The 8th Biennale of Contemporary African Art, Dak'Art debuts 9th May

As you may have guessed finding the time to update this blog over the last month or so has been like mission impossible. Since I left for Glasgow eons ago, life has vacillated between getting on and off planes, looming deadlines and missed deadlines. However as one of the most important visual art activities on the continent, we can't let Dak'Art pass without comment or discussion.

In the first instance my review Dak'Art 08: Chasing Shadows can be read at artinfo.com

It would be impossible for me to update the blog with all the news and views from Dakar,so I thought instead of repeating myself it would be good to feature other voices and hopefully get some discussion going over an extended period. Consequently I am going to open up the space until the end of the biennale on the 9th of June - and hopefully beyond by soliciting short contributions from artists, writers, curators and other visitors to Dak'Art whom I met.

A new contributor will be added each day - if they are not also negotiating deadlines. I thought we lived in a consumer driven world not a deadline one.
Invited contributors will be able to praise, rant, analyse or critique the biennale. It could be about an exhibition they liked, a comment on the official exhibition, or on the off or both. What went right, what went wrong but importantly what Dak'Art 2010 could do, or be like. What it needs to add or what it needs to take out. What you would like to see more or less of. In short, their honest feelings, views and opinions from Dak'Art.

The 8th Dakar Biennale. Africa:Mirror?
9 May - 9June 2008


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