Sunday, 6 April 2008

More blogs

Slowly but gradually Nigerian artists and institutions are creating their websites and/or blog. And this time round they are looking quite good. This makes a welcome change from some of the design and content deficient earlier websites. Even if you don't have much content you can at least mind your design.
Recent sites include
This will probably have to be given an award as best Nigerian art institution website. It is well designed and content rich with information that until now can be difficult to impossible to lay one's hands on. For example they have listed most of the BA thesis written from the 1971 until the 2002. The titles are revelatory but areas of interest and expertise which tilts todays traditional art and culture.
This is the site of the new initiative recently launched Lagos that will focus on auctions of Nigerian art and also working to widen the public's access to art.
A young up and coming painter based in Lagos. Although the website is in progress I am expecting it to turn out at least well designed if not content laden. Ibe has no excuse has he works as a designer for one Nigeria's top 5 advertising agencies.
From the diaspora comes Prof. Sylvester Ogbechie frequently updated and content rich blog. His posts are a mixture of whats happening, exhibition reviews and critical thoughts about important topics and issues affecting African Art and Artists.
Very nice blog by Ike Francis with good images and adequate information about his work. I hope more artists will emulate him. Like blogger, wordpress is free.


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