Sunday, 27 January 2008

More Artists Websites

Nigeria artists are slowly but surely increasing their online visibility. While our colleagues in the diaspora are now on their 2nd or 3rd online revamp, the take up at home still continues to move at a snail's pace. But I am sure that we will witness some interesting websites as 2008 progresses and there are actually 1 or 2 moving to 2nd phase revamp.
Here are some that have been sent in or that I visited recently.

Kyrdz Ikuwemesi, University of Nigeria, Nsukka based artist, lecturer and writer.

Emannuel Eni, Berlin Based artist working in diverse media, sculpture, painting, installation and performance art. Eni is also a published poet and writer. Check out his latest book
Death of the Curator in the library at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos.

Nnenna Okore, US based sculptor


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