Monday, 7 January 2008

Beautiful Namibia

Road to Goche Ganas, Windhoek

After a hectic year being on the move almost non-stop, I don’t compromise with treating myself to rest and pampering during the Christmas holiday. Whilst friend and family in most cases tend to head for Europe or America I try and visit an African country. Last year was Tunis, my first visit to North Africa, the year before that was Cape Town, but now I know too many people there who are all wonderful and I would probably end up partying till I drop so best avoided. Outside of S.Africa I have yet to visit any of the other Southern Africa countries. Namibia seemed the perfect place for peace, relaxation, and beautiful scenery. I arrived in Windhoek physically and mentally exhausted but as we drove up the winding road towards my holiday destination at the beautiful Goche Ganas Nature Reserve calm and tranquility began to descend on me.


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